Benefits of Buying New

A recent report discovered that on average, owners of new homes save over £2,000 on household bills per property each year, equivalent to £173 a month; a significant benefit to buying new, particularly with rising energy costs. For one family, this benefit, as well as new build homes requiring no renovation projects, led them to exclusively search for this type of property. For Afsoon (37) and Amir (45), who were buying their first home, it was crucial to find somewhere which ticked all their boxes, including energy efficiency, no renovation costs and remaining near their beloved area of Tunbridge Wells. Along with their two children, the family discovered Rosewood Place by Fernham Homes where they purchased their dream three-bedroom home.

Afsoon and Amir have a dental practice in nearby Orpington whilst their youngest child is at a local school and their oldest is at university. After renting a three-bedroom home in Tunbridge Wells for 12 years, the family were determined to escape the restraints of renting. Afsoon comments: “I wanted a new-build home as I love how everything is fresh and requires no renovation improvements; the extortionate costs of labour deterred us from second hand properties. Due to rising living costs, we were very keen on a new-build home as we knew it would help our bills and the environment and most importantly, we wanted to stay in the area as it suits our daily lives perfectly.”

Afsoon continues: “Rosewood Place is in Matfield, just 10 minutes outside of Tunbridge Wells, and is one of the nicest neighbourhoods to live in. We were very impressed by the layout, small exclusive size of the development and the peacefulness of the area. For me, the outside of a home is just as important as the inside and the exterior of the properties at Rosewood Place were beautiful. We were immediately sold by the show home and as we bought off-plan, we could personalise some of the finishes which was a massive bonus as we could make it our own!”

The family purchased a three-bedroom home and have been enjoying the calmness of the development as well as still being close to everything they know and love. Afsoon explains what the family appreciate most about their new home: “Our home feels so private which is of course, very important to all families. The garden is perfect for us – our previous home had an oversized garden and we couldn’t keep on top of it. Inside our home, we have bought everything new! The money we have saved from potential renovation costs on an older home, we have spent on lovely new furniture instead. I wanted our home to be warm and welcoming and this is helped by the amazingly efficient insulation of the house. I put the heating on for the first time the other day (no need for it during the heatwave summer!) and I was so surprised how well and quickly the whole house warmed up – our old house was never this cosy.”

As well as the efficiency and fresh feel of a new build, Afsoon’s family were also keen to remain close to Tunbridge Wells to take advantage of all the exciting new restaurant openings and remain central for the day to day practicalities of work and family life. Afsoon comments: “We are just a 10 minute drive to the centre of Tunbridge Wells, close to my daughter’s school and just a 25 minute drive from the dental practice. In Tunbridge, you will never run out of amazing places to eat and this is one thing I love about the area. In the last 10 months, about 15 new restaurants have opened and they are so diverse. My favourites are The Lyle, Lago and Kiko where I had the best sushi of my life. Also, The Poet at Matfield opposite the development does a fantastic Sunday roast. When we are not enjoying the delicious restaurants, we spend our free time walking around the green areas amongst the town and visiting the local shops.”

As first-time buyers, Afsoon and Amir were grateful for Fernham Homes’ professionalism and support during their buying process. Afsoon concludes: “Jen at Fernham Homes was incredibly helpful. She was so easy to get hold of, always replied within a matter of hours and so reassuring. I think it is important for people to not be put off living on a development which is still under construction, the whole Fernham team have been so accommodating, helpful and considerate. My family and I are so happy to have a home which we can call our own and it works perfectly for us – I am so glad we found Rosewood Place.”

Rosewood Place has a selection of 4 and 5 bedroom homes available from £790,000. Book your viewing today by calling the team on 01892 570225.