Fernham Homes helps promotes road safety in Matfield Latest

To help improve road safety in the peaceful village of Matfield, we have donated a speed indicator device (SID) to the local Parish Council to help control speeding and traffic through the area. Matfield, a small, charming village just outside of Tunbridge Wells, Kent, which is home to Rosewood Place, so maximising road safety is a key priority for our development and the wider local community.

The SID is moved around regularly to various locations in the village to grab the attention of drivers and remind them of the speed limit. The SID will capture data of the number of vehicles and their speeds and help ensure the village is as safe as possible for pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers.

Jonathan Buttery, Chair of Brenchley and Matfield Parish Council, comments: “Matfield is a wonderfully peaceful village and maintaining this relaxed pace of life is crucial. We have noticed a significant increase in visitors to the village and whilst we are delighted to welcome people, we also need to ensure driving speeds are kept low for the safety of all. The donation from Fernham Homes has meant we now have two SIDs in the village, so we are well-equipped to remind all drivers to observe the speed limit.”

Beth King, Sales Manager at Fernham Homes comments: “We are pleased to assist with the safety of the community in Matfield and help the Parish Council in their mission to reduce speeding through the village. Our new residents at Rosewood Place are attracted to the serenity of the village so maintaining the tranquillity is incredibly important.”

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